St. Francis Xavier Catholic School 

"Educate them in the Christian Way of Life."

~St. Francis Xavier

We are so glad you are here!   You will always be a part of the St. Francis Xavier Catholic School Family.  Please check out our School Website and learn more about current and upcoming events.  Read our Wednesday News to learn about the accomplishments of many of our students.  Do not hesitate to stop in at our new school to visit our teachers, Pastoral staff and students.  

Dear Alumni,


“First day of school!  First day of school!  Wake up!  Wake up!  Come on!  First day of school!”  Nemo said it well as he expressed his excitement, which in turn, made us excited for his first day of school as well.  It is hard to believe that that was our students nine months ago.  As I write this letter, the children of St. Francis Xavier Catholic School are excitedly thinking about their summer vacation in two months.  As the former Principal, I remember those days well.


At St. Francis Xavier Catholic School, we prepare our students to become the bearers of The Good News of Jesus Christ.  Along with excellent academic training and Catholic values, it is our goal that these students will become the future leaders of our Church and society able to share the Gospel message with others.  Since 1877, our school has been striving to fulfill this mission.


While fundraising plays a crucial part in how we keep tuition costs affordable, there is one significant goal for the school enrollment.  We all have a part to play.  The best advertisement comes from “word of mouth.”  You, the Alumni of St. Francis Xavier Catholic School, can be our biggest allies.  Our school is an amazing investment for all children as they grow, and develop into strong, productive adults capable of applying the knowledge, values and wisdom gleaned from excellent teachers.


As our students graduate and become alumni, they will begin new chapters in their lives: college, graduate school, marriage, children, and career opportunities.  We would like to keep in touch with you and share our proudest moments.  Up to date information will help us do that.  Please complete and return the attached Annual Appeal form, as well as the Alumni Connection form.  You may also access these forms at

  Your personal information will not be shared with any person or business.


As we move along our life’s journey, be assured of our prayers for you.  We ask God to bestow his choicest blessings on you and your family.


Sincerely yours,



Sister Phyllis Simmons, RSM                                      Mrs. Rebecca Sieg

Former Principal                                                          Principal          
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