St. Francis Xavier Catholic School 

"Educate them in the Christian Way of Life."

~St. Francis Xavier

Mrs. Dixon's Computer Classes

& Yearbook Staff

Our yearbooks have been published and will be given to the children soon.    I always order a few extra copies, so if you  still need to purchase one, please do so as quickly as possible.  They are $20.00 each and make any checks payable to St. Francis Xavier School.

 A special thank you to my staff: Leanne, Emily, Jovany, Veronica, Trinity, Jacob and Keefer.  It could not have been done without your dedication and hard work. Parents, a special thank you to you also!  Without your willingness to let them stay after school, not as much could have been accomplished.

Ink and Laser Cartridge Recycling 

Please continue saving inkjet and laser cartridges.  These can be deposited in our computer room; old cell phones and digital cameras are also collected and earn points for the school. These points are redeemed for new ink and laser cartridges, die-cuts for teacher use, and other miscellaneous school supplies.  

Please do not send toner cartridges.  I am unable to recycle these.

If your business or company collects many cartridges, you may wish to work directly through Funding Factory at  You can still arrange for the points to be donated to St. Francis.

Please continue saving ink and laser cartridges.  Through our recycling efforts, we were able to purchase a 12.1 Megapixel Sony CyberShot Camera along with ink cartridges for the color printer.
To join SWAT or yearbook, please print and complete the form below.
If you attend school-related events and activities and also take photos, would you please email me copies of these?   I am often not at the school or have previous committments that prevent me from coming. This way, all events will be equally represented either on the website or in the yearbook.        Many Thanks.